Hustle: a eulogy for well-reasoned madness

The hustle is a hard game. No one hustles if they can help it. You hustle when you need to get ahead, or need to catch a break and you don't have any other way of getting it. The hustle means every relationship can be a means to an end. I hustle my close friends. I hustle old bosses, and friendly acquaintances. I hustle at parties and in bars.

Building the “Personal Brand” — On Internships

"You want to contribute to their brand. You like the work you're doing, you believe it is worthy of your time and effort, and you wish to support it with your labor. [... I]t can very easily feel as if you are simply handing over the fruits of your labor and maintaining little-to-no ownership of them, thus undermining your own brand by giving your work away."

The Cardinal Sin (Photography)

There is one rule of photography: don't photograph your friends for their professional plans or endeavors as a favor. There are reasons for this: if you're doing professional work, you are a professional, and should be treated like one (paid). Work is really only professional if it is couched in professionalism, otherwise, it's probably a… Continue reading The Cardinal Sin (Photography)