This blog itself started as a project.

It was part of Intro to Journalism (Journalism 201) at UMass. I had to write posts responding to various topics and ideas. You can check out those posts HERE. (You are warned: they are juvenile and sometimes shameful.)

In the Fall semester 2013, I took Intro to Multimedia Journalism (Journalism 301). It was a huge struggle and I learned a lot. We did projects on food and farming and climate change. To see the fruits of those labors, check out EAT FRESH and FACING THE CHANGES. There is also a sparcely populated category on here for posts relating to the process, check it out HERE.

As for my other projects:

GRAFFITI: You can check out THE COLLECTION on Flickr of all the graffiti pictures I’ve taken while traveling, predominantly in Greece. This is an archival project that I’m working on, and writing about HERE.

PR WORK: I made a promotional video for MAD DOG ARTISTS STUDIOS in Pawtucket, after one of the artists there, a friend, let me photograph her for a school project. You can view the video HERE on Vimeo.

REGULAR UPDATES: as part of structuring my time away from school, and maybe something resembling a 2016 New Year’s Resolution, I plan to update this blog once every two weeks on Mondays. Find them HERE.


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