Due to my work with the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council, my time is spent thinking about horror (fiction & otherwise), as well as history and representation. I have committed myself to exploring the myriad topics, voices, and dismal reaches that are the lifeblood of Speculative/Weird/Horror fiction. This includes not only deep dives into the works of Lovecraft, but also a survey of the vast array of contemporary authors who continue to stare out into the dark to bring back stories of illimitable void.


I am expanding my research and exploration of graffiti into a larger project which looks at instances where information is being transmitted in such a way that the capacity for understanding between the author and the audience has been interrupted or made invisible.
See more about graffiti.


The future is now… Or so they keep promising, but with the natural resources required for the kind of technological expansion which would bring the future crashing into the present, it can seem like we still have a ways to go. As a skeptic of the supposed technological revolution, I am nonetheless fascinated by the problems posed by innovation, both social and technological.
See posts tagged future.


Late stage capitalism, or globalized finance capitalism (or whatever you want to call the confluence of debt, value creation, and technological conjuring) continues to annihilate all pre-conceived ideas regarding both politics and classical economics.
See posts tagged economics.

(updated January 2019)

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