Some Thoughts on Catalonia

An intentional complication There are 4 major areas to consider regarding the current situation in Spain, where the region of Catalonia recently held a referendum on a declaration of independence: the economic reasons for Spain's insistence on retaining Catalonia,the questions arising from a newly independent Catalonia with regards to the European Union, with an eye … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Catalonia

2016.12.01 : binary system failure

American political culture suffers from a unique failure of binary systems. Politics everywhere fall into this particular trap, but something about the American mindset makes it particularly prone to this pitfall and historically predisposed to it. The tendency for a moralistic binary of “good” versus “bad,” completely ignores the modifying appendages which not only render … Continue reading 2016.12.01 : binary system failure

WMUA: Famous Economist Thomas Piketty visits UMass Persistence pays off. By being the most annoying reporter at the annual Phillip L Gamble memorial lecture at UMass, where French economist Thomas Piketty spoke on his book Capital in the Twenty First Century, I got to ask the first question at the press gaggle, post-talk. I had prepped about five questions, in the hopes … Continue reading WMUA: Famous Economist Thomas Piketty visits UMass