Providence Graffiti : a collection

(Originally completed on July 22, 2014. Retroactively published on September 1, 2016.) It's been six months since I started making an effort to share and catalogue the graffiti I see around Providence. Going through and actually figuring out what I've photographed since last December shows exactly how selective the process of sharing it can be.… Continue reading Providence Graffiti : a collection

Graffiti, Photography, & Writing about Art.

Second in a series. I still haven't solved the problem of how to present graffiti. But I'm trying my hand at the first step: collecting all my data in one place. At the moment, my formal organizational system is in the form of "sets" on Flickr. I made a collection that contains all the sets… Continue reading Graffiti, Photography, & Writing about Art.

How to Present Graffiti

First in a series One of my hobbies is documenting graffiti. This started in Athens, around 2008, when there was, along with an explosion of civil unrest and political discontent in the city, an artistic explosion that spread out across the walls of the city. I remember the point where I noticed that I kept… Continue reading How to Present Graffiti