Week in Review 2019: 003

Read: Books: When I Grow up I want to be a Futurist. Badminton, N.The Only Harmless Great Thing. Bolano, B. "Prodigy of Dreams," "Ms. Rinaldi's Angel," "The Tsalal," and "Mad Night of Atonement" in The Nightmare Factory. Ligotti, T."Protestant and Catholics." HPL to Frank Belknap Long, collected in Against Religion: the atheist writings of H. P. Lovecraft. 2010. Articles: "Lovecraft, Witch Cults, and … Continue reading Week in Review 2019: 003

2016.12.17 : topographic narrative, narrative topography

It’s snowing. I don’t think we’ll manage a white christmas this year, because the temperature is expected to continue to go up, but right now, the roofs of the houses are disappearing into the white cloud cover of the sky, and the haze of snowflakes rushing towards the earth is hazing up my vision. It’s the … Continue reading 2016.12.17 : topographic narrative, narrative topography

2016.12.16 : one at a time, not all at once.

The trouble with a daily writing practice is that it has to be daily and it has to be in spite of whatever resistance one is feeling to the idea of sitting down to write. The purpose is to learn to circumnavigate that resistance. It is very, very hard.I’ve spent a good deal of time lately trying to … Continue reading 2016.12.16 : one at a time, not all at once.