the author in 2019

Since graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a certificate of Film Studies, Despina has returned to their native Providence, Rhode Island. They are the Assistant Manager at the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council in the Providence Arcade (the oldest covered shopping mall in America, erected 1828). There, they answer people’s questions about bathroom access and local dining, though they much prefer the moments when they get to provide reading recommendations or educate people about the influence H.P. Lovecraft has had on most aspects of popular culture. They are also pleased to report that their fluffy liberal arts education has, in fact, prepared them for the real world, by allowing them to discuss the role of racism in Lovecraft’s work, and the role it continues to play in shaping popular discourse.

When not attempting to convince more people to read Thomas Ligotti, they read, feverishly work on literary criticism and reviews, scroll through Twitter, and lament the lack of non-automated emails in their inbox.

A short list of their interests include: graffiti, the future, bees, comic book adaptations airing on the CW, dogs, brutalist architecture, neo-Marxist economics, organizational systems, enamel pins, movies and films, that one gif of a raccoon stealing cat food, writing implements, historically inspired typography, small things, print design.