IMG_5433Despina Durand is graduate of the Journalism program at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She works across all media, with a special interest in the visual aspects of design, information, and story telling. She speaks English, Greek, French, and Spanish, studied Arabic, and hopes to add Turkish, Russian and German to her repertoire.

For two years, she held an editorial position with the WMUA News, UMass Amherst’s student radio news program, where she oversaw a staff of dedicated, talented student volunteers. She provided the training and support for the team to produce a half-hour daily news cast, Monday through Friday. During her tenure as editor, the department saw an increase in student involvement and student reporting, in addition to greater departmental cohesion, and the establishment of an online “news room” operated via FaceBook and Google Drive.

WMUA can be streamed here and all the original content produced by the staff of the news team can be found here on Soundcloud, or here on WordPress.

She is on Vimeo, where you can see her publicity work, documentary, and fiction pieces. You can also check out her photography on her photoblog, on Flickr, or on Instagram. Her audio work can be found on Soundcloud. She also sporadically engages in social media on Twitter.

She likes movies (especially science fiction), design, photography, architecture, graffiti, bees, both the urban and built environments, neo-Marxist economic and political theory, and theorizing debt. She also has an addiction to bad cop shows.

For her resume, click here.

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