Gone Home: the return to photography

In a roundabout way, I'm picking a fight with the concept that photographs are "made" rather than "taken". The act of depressing the button that fires the shutter and the light captured in the split second is recorded--that is a process of taking a piece of reality and keeping it for yourself. That is the moment when someone's soul is stolen--captured along with the light inside the camera.

Providence Graffiti : a collection

(Originally completed on July 22, 2014. Retroactively published on September 1, 2016.) It's been six months since I started making an effort to share and catalogue the graffiti I see around Providence. Going through and actually figuring out what I've photographed since last December shows exactly how selective the process of sharing it can be. … Continue reading Providence Graffiti : a collection

The Cardinal Sin (Photography)

There is one rule of photography: don't photograph your friends for their professional plans or endeavors as a favor. There are reasons for this: if you're doing professional work, you are a professional, and should be treated like one (paid). Work is really only professional if it is couched in professionalism, otherwise, it's probably a … Continue reading The Cardinal Sin (Photography)