Photography: Fiber Festival

The nice thing about the fiber festival is the way it opens up all the different aspects of the process of taking wool and making something warm and fluffy and wearable out of it. The entire process opens up––how the fibers come off the sheep, how they are turned into yarn, and then how you can manipulate that yarn into something else.

The Fiber Festival takes place every year in Bristol, RI, in May. The farm has horses and a donkey. Coggeshall Farm, that hosts the Festival, is also a museum. It stands as a reconstruction of a farm from the turn of the 18th century.

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Cops, anarchy, and feather boas.

Police by aeroplang
Police, a photo by aeroplang on Flickr.

Cops are a state apparatus that make me really nervous. Usually I avoid even looking at them, if possible. Much less talking to them, and almost never taking their picture. But during Athens Pride, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to capture all of these young men standing, watching the parade go by. Continue reading “Cops, anarchy, and feather boas.”

How to Present Graffiti

First in a series

One of my hobbies is documenting graffiti. This started in Athens, around 2008, when there was, along with an explosion of civil unrest and political discontent in the city, an artistic explosion that spread out across the walls of the city. Continue reading “How to Present Graffiti”