Finishing 50 Books in a Year (2017)

My reading goal in 2017 started with a desire to finish a number of the books which I had started over the past three years for the purpose of getting them off my "Currently reading" list. On the list, those books which I started before 2017 are marked with an *. I've sorted the books… Continue reading Finishing 50 Books in a Year (2017)

2017.04.25 : black holes

At dinner, an unexpectedly personal affair, we were discussing the differences in our ages. The conversation took a turn on the phrase "I have a body, like Adonis." (Consider the placement of the comma.) Which quickly shifted us to discussing the nameless quality which goes by "sex appeal" or "fire" or ... And the term… Continue reading 2017.04.25 : black holes

2017.02.28 : hobbies: food.

8Sometimes we are Ouroboros; endlessly circling ourselves, unable to escape, trapped within the confines of our own thought-cycles. Like a Lady in a Victorian novel, I'm lying in the dark, trying the calm the headache that has decided to take up residence between my temples. Exhaustion wars with boredom for the right to command my… Continue reading 2017.02.28 : hobbies: food.

2017.01.02 : the means are everything

My newfound love of lifestyle/organization bloggers/vloggers is taking as much getting used to as my stint getting into make up did; exactly like looking in the mirror and not entirely recognizing the face looking back at you. Regardless, Kalyn Nicholson said something in a recent video that struck me as possibly the most crucial application of… Continue reading 2017.01.02 : the means are everything

2016.11.14 : a heavy weight on the tongue

What I thought would be a quick poetry reading last night, ended up being a triple bill concert, with a number of other poets featured in addition to the friend I had come to see. The unexpected is asserting itself as the new normal. Meanwhile, I find myself having an old argument with a new person because… Continue reading 2016.11.14 : a heavy weight on the tongue