WMUA: Famous Economist Thomas Piketty visits UMass

https://soundcloud.com/wmua-news/thomas-piketty-visits-umass Persistence pays off. By being the most annoying reporter at the annual Phillip L Gamble memorial lecture at UMass, where French economist Thomas Piketty spoke on his book Capital in the Twenty First Century, I got to ask the first question at the press gaggle, post-talk. I had prepped about five questions, in the hopes … Continue reading WMUA: Famous Economist Thomas Piketty visits UMass

SGA Elections: how much is too much truth?

This piece currently occupies pride of place amongst all the work I've done at WMUA this year. It's not the most complex, nor is it necessarily the most interesting piece. But I worked hard, and people helped me when I needed them to, and we got a solid piece of reporting (informative and well-produced) out … Continue reading SGA Elections: how much is too much truth?

The Tale of UMass, Day Drinking, and the Echo Chamber

I've delivered this rant, in some form, every time someone has asked me about what happened at UMass two weekends ago, on the day of the Blarney Blowout. Usually, when someone makes this inquiry, they use the word "riot". I want to make it unequivocally clear, I think the use of the word "riot" to … Continue reading The Tale of UMass, Day Drinking, and the Echo Chamber

Other people’s bad journalism

Here's a good argument for why you should perform good journalism instead of bad journalism: bad journalism makes good journalism impossible. Last Friday, the Massachusetts Daily Collegian published this article about a University-run coffee shop now on campus that sells Starbucks brand coffee. This new coffee shop appears to be making one of the student-run co-ops … Continue reading Other people’s bad journalism

Leveson Report & and self-regulation

Last week or the week before, I did one of my stories for WMUA on the ultimatum issued by David Cameron to the newspapers of Britain with regards to self-regulation. Some years ago, the News Corps owned News of the World publication was under investigation for hacking the phones of (according to Wikipedia) first, "celebrities, … Continue reading Leveson Report & and self-regulation