RIPTA Rider’s Guide

Completed in February 2020 as part of the Type + Image Graphic Design course with RISD:CE.

Brief: Create a set of instructions on how to complete a task with which you are familiar.

I chose to create a guide on how to ride the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, after having a discussion with an acquaintance who was nervous about riding the bus.

The guide is set in DIN Pro, for its easy to read letter forms and its intended use in roadway and transit contexts. The pamphlet is printed on colored paper “zine” style as a way of being both friendly and cheap to produce, while harkening back to the days of the xerox zine, adding a hint of both nostalgia and a feeling of independence.

(Since the design and publication of this guide, RIPTA has updated their fare collection methods and thus this guide is no longer entirely accurate. It is also not in compliance with the restrictions and practices implemented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.)

This project was set up so that we first had to produce a set of instructions that was purely text and one which was done all in images. Digital renderings of my first two sets of instructions are below.

I drew my original inspiration from the RIPTA color scheme. We can also see the original, overwhelming image (p 3) I put together to attempt to explain the fare payment system (now defunct). Thankfully, the process has been greatly streamlined.

I deliberately set my text instructions in Comic Sans to fully embody the approachable and friendly tone (who could be threatened by Comic Sans?) I was trying to convey.

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