Palm Springs, 2016.

2017.02.27 : concrete sunshine


Graphic Structure and Systems (RISD CE: Fall 2016)

Our first project had us attempting to convey nine concepts through the use of the most basic of graphic forms: points and lines. We did five iterations of the exercise; the first with a single point of any size, the second a single line of any length, the third with points of varying sizes, the … Continue reading “Graphic Structure and Systems (RISD CE: Fall 2016)”

Photojournalism, portfolio

  A few examples of my photographic work from the last few years.

Photo Essay: Re-Thinking the Wall : Greek and Chilean Street Art at Brown

Grace Monk (Brown, Classics ’18) studied abroad in both Valparaíso, Chile and Athens, Greece during her undergraduate career. Her senior thesis, in Comparative Literature, examined the social, political, and economic situations in those two countries and the ways in which they have shaped and influenced street art in both countries. As part of her final … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Re-Thinking the Wall : Greek and Chilean Street Art at Brown”