2016.11.29 : atomization

Today I face something that might even be my old demons. Certainly I get the mixed bag of necessary travel.
I love the feeling of being in motion. I hate traveling by bus, but I am most content in that in between, when you have left and have yet to arrive.
I’m told I have an avoidant personality, and that cannot help but contribute to the pleasure of uncertainty. When we are on the bus, train, airplane, boat, when we are between here and there, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle is in effect; we can know where we are, or how fast we’re going, but not both.
Time and space become abstracted; all the trappings of quotidian existence get suspended while we await the resolution of our trajectory.

I travel on faith. I imagine that it comes from the experience of always visiting friends and family, even when I travel overseas. I leave my plans half-baked, and with minimal assurance of food and shelter, I head off, calling ahead as questions arise. It will fail me some day, and I’ll have to sleep in a park; I’m almost looking forward to it.

The meditative, fugue-like state of watching (even familiar) scenery slide by the panoramic bus windows is pulling me in even now, before we have even left the city.

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