Finishing 50 Books in a Year (2017)

My reading goal in 2017 started with a desire to finish a number of the books which I had started over the past three years for the purpose of getting them off my "Currently reading" list. On the list, those books which I started before 2017 are marked with an *. I've sorted the books… Continue reading Finishing 50 Books in a Year (2017)

The Easiest Way to Travel : five tips to help you read more.

Reading is the cheapest journey you'll ever be able to take. It's an opportunity to visit cities you've never been to, try foods you've never heard of, and meet people you would never be able to meet otherwise. But like all travel, it can be daunting to undertake. It is a harder choice to go… Continue reading The Easiest Way to Travel : five tips to help you read more.

2016.11.28 : pipe dreams

Thanksgiving is come and gone. It has been hard not to think of William S. Burroughs’ Thanksgiving Prayer, especially the last line:Thanks for the last and greatest betrayal of the last and greatestof human dreams.(Content Warning for the poem: racial slurs, anti-gay slurs. Un-varnished representations of America.) I read some good bits of advice for weathering the new… Continue reading 2016.11.28 : pipe dreams