Other people’s bad journalism

Here's a good argument for why you should perform good journalism instead of bad journalism: bad journalism makes good journalism impossible. Last Friday, the Massachusetts Daily Collegian published this article about a University-run coffee shop now on campus that sells Starbucks brand coffee. This new coffee shop appears to be making one of the student-run co-ops … Continue reading Other people’s bad journalism

I didn’t even know he was ill

Some of the first things that appear when you search "press criticism" are questions about whether it is dead or dying and whether or not Twitter is the culprit. I went looking for press criticism, because it was mentioned in our textbook, and I had no idea what it was. It turns out that press … Continue reading I didn’t even know he was ill

Leveson Report & and self-regulation

Last week or the week before, I did one of my stories for WMUA on the ultimatum issued by David Cameron to the newspapers of Britain with regards to self-regulation. Some years ago, the News Corps owned News of the World publication was under investigation for hacking the phones of (according to Wikipedia) first, "celebrities, … Continue reading Leveson Report & and self-regulation

Adventures at WMUA (part 3)

The quest for better, more ethical journalism at WMUA continues, but that's a post for another time. This is a "thing n°11 I learned about journalism" that I can't really justify putting on the midterm: it's damn hard work. Not even the going out and hunting people/stories down portion. Just doing aggregate work can take … Continue reading Adventures at WMUA (part 3)