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WMUA : a reflection on ethics

Tomorrow the Westboro Baptist Church will (theoretically) be coming to picket at UMass Amherst to protest the University, as a whole, because Derrick Gordon, a basketball player for a D-1 team, came out as gay this past week.

In response, students have organized a rally in support of the LGBT community (this wording is important) on campus, aimed partially at outnumbering and drowning out the voices of the WBC. The rally was organized partially to keep people from simply coming out to engage in a shouting match with the WBC, and to keep the understandably high emotions from getting the better of all parties.

The rally originally started as a “counter-protest” but was eventually re-branded to look more like a “pride rally” following conversations with administration and reflection by students. The goal is to create an environment where everyone, including our uninvited guests, will be safe.

But there are interesting things that go on in the background. Continue reading