Leveson Report & and self-regulation

Last week or the week before, I did one of my stories for WMUA on the ultimatum issued by David Cameron to the newspapers of Britain with regards to self-regulation. Some years ago, the News Corps owned News of the World publication was under investigation for hacking the phones of (according to Wikipedia) first, "celebrities, … Continue reading Leveson Report & and self-regulation

Adventures at WMUA (part 3)

The quest for better, more ethical journalism at WMUA continues, but that's a post for another time. This is a "thing n°11 I learned about journalism" that I can't really justify putting on the midterm: it's damn hard work. Not even the going out and hunting people/stories down portion. Just doing aggregate work can take … Continue reading Adventures at WMUA (part 3)

Greece posed for a complete meltdown.

This is just a quick aside (I have all these blog posts planned, but I need to get this off my chest). Most of you probably don't know this, but I'm half-Greek. Greek enough that my grandmother lives in Athens, even though my mother was born in this country. I speak Greek and have visited … Continue reading Greece posed for a complete meltdown.

Aggregation! Research! Context! Oh my! (Adventures at WMUA pt. 2)

I'm still feeling proud of myself. Wednesday, at 5:30pm on WMUA, I read two stories that I had done some more significant research for. They weren't proper reporting: I didn't get any interviews, I didn't find the lead and hunt it down. But I drew from multiple sources, and came to some good conclusions. I … Continue reading Aggregation! Research! Context! Oh my! (Adventures at WMUA pt. 2)