Other people’s bad journalism

Here's a good argument for why you should perform good journalism instead of bad journalism: bad journalism makes good journalism impossible. Last Friday, the Massachusetts Daily Collegian published this article about a University-run coffee shop now on campus that sells Starbucks brand coffee. This new coffee shop appears to be making one of the student-run co-ops … Continue reading Other people’s bad journalism

UMass, the Press, and the constant need to PARTY.

We have spent much time imagining a more controversial, or at least more critical, publication for the University community. I came across this article by a UMass Journalism lecturer, through the UMass Journalism Program Facebook page, about the University's suppression of the name of the girl who fell and later died. I remember when I … Continue reading UMass, the Press, and the constant need to PARTY.

Mass murder: is the media to blame?

We can't make these events into history. Journalism is the first draft of history, so that is where we must start. Twenty dead children are of interest to everyone. Whether they are most important or not, can be debated (and depends, largely, on where they are from. I record here, despite the perhaps now-clichéd nature … Continue reading Mass murder: is the media to blame?

I didn’t even know he was ill

Some of the first things that appear when you search "press criticism" are questions about whether it is dead or dying and whether or not Twitter is the culprit. I went looking for press criticism, because it was mentioned in our textbook, and I had no idea what it was. It turns out that press … Continue reading I didn’t even know he was ill